“I Gotta Line On You”

Randy California out front with Skunk Baxter and Bob Welch on the back line. A blast from this coke fest past.


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Rip This Joint

The sunshine bores the daylights out of me. Indeed it does. On my tombstone Charlie Boy. No need for two shovels pal. I brought my own. Nice of you to drive me drive me to grave. I can see by the look in your face that you are new to this. First time out? Getting your bones?

Jimmy had a problem.

He sent you. To take me down. I know the score.

Doing what he told me. You know the deal. Nothing Personal. Never is. How’s Penny by the way?

Still at the plant. Still hate your guts.

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On The Wheel

There is no price for individuality

Imperfections make us unique

It’s like the year in the hands of a western man 

Tell you about carbon salt and water

But a tear to a Chinese man

He’ll tell you about sadness and sorrow

or the love a a man and a woman

[Ride The Tiger] Jefferson Airplane

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Robin Williams

Why would a perfect machine decide to become human?

This Buddhist walks up to a hotdog vendor and says make me one with everything

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning.


xine_snapshot-5 xine_snapshot-6 xine_snapshot-7 xine_snapshot-8

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Built A Fire On Mainstreet

It’s not that I don’t want to work anymore. It’s that i don’t want to start all over and pretend that I don’t know anything.

Spew donkey

Tommy Pronto

Andrew Yancy

Hogans Alley

Hoosier Daddys

Sean Young. Dirty Little Robot Mouth.

Lovely weather to do some steroids together with you

Dinky Filner

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Just Another Night

Lot of downtime waiting for another gig to bring the money in. Reading and screening dvd’s from the library and sleeping ten hours a day occupies most of my days and nights but gotta have dough for essentials such as beer and tobacco. Well the beer is not necessary and i wish smokes wer not but that’s how it goes.

I have become tired of Facebook, as it were. Information is always acceptable yet I find myself becoming less enthused with the endless onslaught of pictures and videos of cute kittens and self serving posts by women (and some men) about how we must all become spiritually enlightened.

Writing used to be quite easy for me when I was in the midst of happening things. But now most of my past makes me cringe with the realization that there are no good endings to any of my stories.

My past is that. I was a participant by proxy. Just another fucking observer. Plenty of possessions. Guitars cars and movie stars. All that sort of thing. Nothing to show for all those years of party up party hard.

But, as the old saw sings–“Never saw a UHaul trailer on the back of a hearse.

Peters Creek Parkway September 2013

Peters Creek Parkway

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Public Enemy #1

And here I was thinking i could check out more than three DVD’s…………..

The REYNOLDA Library Great Place to hide out and live the dreamy dreams

The REYNOLDA Library
Great Place to hide out and live the dreamy dreams

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