Sofia Coppola Kurosawa

If you like the year long opening shot of Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” then you will appreciate the opening of “Somewhere”, written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

A Black Ferrari enters off screen left and takes turns on a flat course going round and round — exiting at the top of the screen and looping back for three minutes. It’s a setup to meditate on and to become calm enough to view the rest of the film in a trance like state of mind.

It’s all about a cinema superstar and his daughter, portrayed by Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning as they spend time at The Chateau in Hollywood; traveling to Milan; driving to Vegas–then on to Belmont summer camp.

Thematic images: Swimming; Ice skating; the beauty of movement. Cars coming into the scenes off frame. Very much like Bertolucci’s “La Luna”. And perhaps a nod to the swimming sequence in “Man On Fire”–a film with Denzel Washington and Elle’s sister, Dakota Fanning. There’s also a quick little bit with a white retriever puppy that is interesting in both “Somewhere” and “Man On Fire”.

Helicopters can be heard in the background in many of the scenes. Very LA.

The Bonus reel is probably the best insight into the making of a film I have ever seen. And I’ve done a lot of them back in day–so to speak.



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