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Enough Said

Screened “Enough Said” last night. The selections of DVD’s at the library are few. This title does nothing other than to make me miss some locations in Socal I remember from my twenty years living there. This is James Gandolfini’s … Continue reading

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More Cumberbtach

Just when I thought I had exhausted the screening of media with Benedict Cumberbatch I discovered “Parade’s End”. Shot about the same time as “Sherlock”. Thus the similar portrayals of Sherlock and Tietjen. What a bitch Rebecca Hall’s character was. … Continue reading

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Sofia Coppola Kurosawa

If you like the year long opening shot of Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” then you will appreciate the opening of “Somewhere”, written and directed by Sofia Coppola. A Black Ferrari enters off screen left and takes turns on a flat course … Continue reading

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Tim Hallinan’s New — Must Read — Rafferty Book !

It’s titled, “For The Dead”, and it is being heralded by a huge fan base and A-List Hollywood and broadcast television stars as Tim Hallinan’s newest and best installment of the Poke Rafferty series. And since the timing for the … Continue reading

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