Those Filthy Bastards

They shot Prince Yakimov. For lighting a cigarette during the blackout.
Those filthy rotten bastards.
Poor, dear ole “Yaki”. We hardly knew ye………………
(commenting on the death scene of Prince Yakimov in ,”The Fortunes of War”)


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2 Responses to Those Filthy Bastards

  1. So, in order to “like” this, which I tried to do, I have to sign into wordpress and give them my password? Uh-Uh. But I do like your blog.

    • Nash Randall says:

      Hello Tim
      Not sure why you have to do all that just to like a comment. Leaving comments is good enough for me. Anyway, I watched “The Fortunes of War” and being a British tv freak I enjoyed watching Branagh and Thompson in their early BBC days. Also loved Pickups portrayal of Prince Yakimov. His explanation of why he was the way he was, “An over privileged childhood, dear boy”, was perfect.
      Keep those cards and letter comin’


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