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Those Filthy Bastards

They shot Prince Yakimov. For lighting a cigarette during the blackout. Those filthy rotten bastards. Poor, dear ole “Yaki”. We hardly knew ye……………… (commenting on the death scene of Prince Yakimov in ,”The Fortunes of War”) Advertisements

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Let’s Play Doctor

Broke in a new doctor today down at the clinic. Third one in two years. The first one was very cool. He got shipped to Chapel Hill. The second one, a sweet young lady from India graduated from high school … Continue reading

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Where Did This Come From?

From which film was this screen grab from and what is ironic about it?

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“I Gotta Line On You”

Randy California out front with Skunk Baxter and Bob Welch on the back line. A blast from this coke fest past.

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Rip This Joint

The sunshine bores the daylights out of me. Indeed it does. On my tombstone Charlie Boy. No need for two shovels pal. I brought my own. Nice of you to drive me drive me to grave. I can see by … Continue reading

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On The Wheel

There is no price for individuality Imperfections make us unique It’s like the year in the hands of a western man  Tell you about carbon salt and water But a tear to a Chinese man He’ll tell you about sadness … Continue reading

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Robin Williams

Why would a perfect machine decide to become human? This Buddhist walks up to a hotdog vendor and says make me one with everything Wheel in the sky keeps on turning. wer

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