Wednesday Morning

Thinking about personal themes. Technology is an awesome tool that has changed the world as we knew it to be. It has taken us away from the wilderness. We have learned to adapt to ever quickening methods of communicating with not only our neighbors down the road a piece but also to the tribes on distant shores.

Increasingly we are exposed to what appear to be different cultures–different ways of thinking.

I ask myself is it cynical to remain an observer?

I am a tinkerer. It is my heritage. My gram paw was an engineer for Western Union. Rode the trains; strung the lines; built the offices. My dad was an electrical engineer/scientist.

I am no where near as smart. But I’m a quick learner. I inherited my love for reading and to some extent, expressing my thoughts in writing from my mom.

Three major themes:

  1. Man versus god
  2. Man versus nature
  3. Man versus himself.

More later today perhaps.




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