First Post

Peters Creek Parkway September 2013

Peters Creek Parkway
September 2013

Well-this is my very first post. I got the idea to join word press after listening to Hoss Lors on coast to coast the other night.

Through the years i have had a bunch of blog sites/websites etc. etc………..

So far this one looks pretty good to me. Time will tell. And time i have a lot of on my hand these days. I recently moved to Costa Rica to live with my wife and her family.

I was born in North Carolina, Moved to California in 1976. Lived the Rock and Roll life. Traded my creativity for enslavement in the fantasy factory.

It is late here and I have been chained to the computer since i burned the crap out of my right foot stepping in some weird goo at the soccer stadium.

More on that later……………………


Hoss Lors was kind enough to let me add his link. Check it out.

That’s it for now



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  1. I’m moving to Costa Rica next month! Can’t wait!!

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