Costa Rica In The Morning

Peters Creek Parkway September 2013

Peters Creek Parkway
September 2013

OK back to this train of thought.

Costa Rica is a whole different world than — let’s say — Los Angeles — which was my stomping ground for many up until last year.

Different in  almost every way.

  • It rains. A lot. But it’s an afternoon affair.
  • The liquor stores . The beer is about the same price but the whole routine about paying a deposit and trying to get it back on the next visit is confusing.
  • A pack of marble reds cost 3 bucks. None of that punitive tax nonsense.
  • The Wal-Mart is more of a giant flea market. Lots of clerks chasing you down the aisles trying to help. Definitely different than the US. Never could find any help when needed. Last Saturday my we went to the one in Tibas and there were a dozen actors on stilts clomping around the store. One snuck up on me and almost got punched in the tummy.
  • The traffic in San Jose makes travelling in LA seem like a buggy ride in Amish Land. If there are any major freeways I have yet to find one. You need X-Ray glasses to find any street signs. Major intersections and no traffic lights. So my wife or other family members experience the pleasure of hauling my butt around town.


On a final note:

If you are not from around here–you will most likely get clipped at the cash register. I went to the bakery this morning for our daily bread and the lady tried to jack me for 100 colons more. I mean, c’mon people. I am working on my third million since i lost the other two already. So–don’t set a bad example and give in.




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