Enough Said

Screened “Enough Said” last night. The selections of DVD’s at the library are few. This title does nothing other than to make me miss some locations in Socal I remember from my twenty years living there.

This is James Gandolfini’s last flick. Could he have chosen a better film? Who knows.

The plot is unbelievably thin.

There are clocks and wristwatches and a glowing red light to announce the shrink’s arrival of patients in every scene.

Hit me over the head with symbolism.

A chick flick.

Enough Said.



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More Cumberbtach

Just when I thought I had exhausted the screening of media with Benedict Cumberbatch I discovered “Parade’s End”. Shot about the same time as “Sherlock”. Thus the similar portrayals of Sherlock and Tietjen. What a bitch Rebecca Hall’s character was. Imagine being chained to that harpy. And Ronald Pickup has a couple scenes.



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Sofia Coppola Kurosawa

If you like the year long opening shot of Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” then you will appreciate the opening of “Somewhere”, written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

A Black Ferrari enters off screen left and takes turns on a flat course going round and round — exiting at the top of the screen and looping back for three minutes. It’s a setup to meditate on and to become calm enough to view the rest of the film in a trance like state of mind.

It’s all about a cinema superstar and his daughter, portrayed by Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning as they spend time at The Chateau in Hollywood; traveling to Milan; driving to Vegas–then on to Belmont summer camp.

Thematic images: Swimming; Ice skating; the beauty of movement. Cars coming into the scenes off frame. Very much like Bertolucci’s “La Luna”. And perhaps a nod to the swimming sequence in “Man On Fire”–a film with Denzel Washington and Elle’s sister, Dakota Fanning. There’s also a quick little bit with a white retriever puppy that is interesting in both “Somewhere” and “Man On Fire”.

Helicopters can be heard in the background in many of the scenes. Very LA.

The Bonus reel is probably the best insight into the making of a film I have ever seen. And I’ve done a lot of them back in day–so to speak.


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Tim Hallinan’s New — Must Read — Rafferty Book !

It’s titled, “For The Dead”, and it is being heralded by a huge fan base and A-List Hollywood and broadcast television stars as Tim Hallinan’s newest and best installment of the Poke Rafferty series.

And since the timing for the release couldn’t be better why not splurge and get the whole set for friends and family that will treasured by all.


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Those Filthy Bastards

They shot Prince Yakimov. For lighting a cigarette during the blackout.
Those filthy rotten bastards.
Poor, dear ole “Yaki”. We hardly knew ye………………
(commenting on the death scene of Prince Yakimov in ,”The Fortunes of War”)

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Let’s Play Doctor

Broke in a new doctor today down at the clinic. Third one in two years. The first one was very cool. He got shipped to Chapel Hill. The second one, a sweet young lady from India graduated from high school and is now learning to be a real doctor at Baptist. The fresh recruit I call “The New Guy”

The New Guy

[NG] Your blood sugar is 139. That’s good.

[W4] Thanks. Now I have to tell you that my back is killing me. Has been for years. Two days a week I can’t walk more than five minutes before the pain is similar to jamming a tungsten welding stick straight up my spine into the back of my head.

[NG] Why don’t you hop up on the table for a minute.

Proceeds to bash about on my spine.

[NG] Does this hurt?

[W4] No. It hurts when I walk. Twice a week.

[NG] Well there’s not a lot I can do. The thing about back surgery is that after a couple of years you have to do it again.

[W4] Really?

[NG] Yes. Have you tried lying down when it hurts?

[W4] In the middle of traffic? Actually, lying down is not recommended. Could make it worse.

[NG] Who told you that?

[W4] Doctor Google.

[NG] Don’t believe anything you read on the internet.

[W4] How old are you?

[NG] Twenty four.

[W4] So advice from a multitude of published physicians twice your age who specialize in spinal injuries; what the other real live doctors told me when I was in spinal rehab at St. Joes in Burbank and countless anecdotal testimonies from patients should be discounted.

[NG] You can ask for a different doctor if you want.

[W4] Seriously?

[NG] Yes.

New Guy walks out.

[W4] Gee. Thanks. Good luck on your mid terms.

True Story.

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Where Did This Come From?

From which film was this screen grab from and what is ironic about it?


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